the dossiers consist of different types of compilation.
in all versions they use links to existing online material available to the internet-public, to collate sets that shed material light on certain topics of interest.
while this material is research material for my work – academic, theoretical and curatorial – I deem it important to share this public material with an interested public as part of open research and curation processes. this kind of sharing and putting my research interests and attention politics into the open to me makes true research and public conversation (let alone curation).

I follow the 2CHE-principle:

1 - noCHE:

no Copying : that is linking and framing what is already publicly available on the net
no Harm : the pointing to these public resources is deemed in no way harmful as it only points to material already publicly provided by others (if you are of the conviction that even pointing to these material induces please contect me to make a legitimate case, and it will be reasonably considered)
no Economic benefit: there is no economic benefit I draw from this

2 - CHE:

Crediting: the sources are marked (either at (i) in the online collections; or spelled out in online-folios Highlighting: wherever I point to outside material this is highlighted
Engagement: all pointers are part of an substantial engagement, either as part of my (open) research, or more directly as statements of relevancy, or by direct comment/reference in my work

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[Duplicated] Tempelhof : post-2015


Egypt after 2011


Tempelhof : post-2015


5 years after : Arab Spring

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